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    SVR presents itself as a pillar of the skin cosmetics industry. The brand designs treatments of all kinds to serve everyone who wants to take care of their skin. Thanks to a dense and rich catalog, SVR has established itself among the general public as well as professionals.

    The SVR laboratory was created in 1962 by Simone and Robert Véret, a couple of visionary pharmacists. At the time, their main goal was to provide beautiful skin to everyone. To do this, they decided to develop formulas based on particularly powerful and concentrated dermatological active ingredients, but which respect the skin's balance. Thanks to this approach, the brand quickly became known as a specialist in beauty and dermatological health. SVR products are appreciated for their effectiveness and gentleness. Please note that they are designed from precisely dosed, high-potential active ingredients. In other words, the brand makes sure to use the optimal maximum dosage to produce rapid effects without causing intolerance. Thanks to this particularity, SVR products guarantee maximum satisfaction to their consumers.

    SVR products come in several types. This is determined by the area treated by each treatment. In the SVR catalog, it is possible to find formulas for the face, for the body and for the limbs. SVR facial products can also target smaller areas like the eye area or lips. SVR body products allow you to treat the neck as well as the entire body. For their part, products for members take care of hands and feet.

    SVR is committed to meeting all of its customers’ needs. Its treatments thus have a multitude of actions. In the SVR catalog, for example, it is possible to find anti-imperfection and anti-blemish products helping you to hide your skin's defects. You can also find anti-irritation and anti-itching treatments like SVR Topialyse. These SVR products soothe and relax your skin. SVR also specializes in the manufacture of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments. Beyond aesthetic treatments, the brand also offers nourishing and protective formulas. Best of all, SVR products also help skin stay hydrated and firm.
    138 products