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    Mustela partners with dermatology, maternity and childcare professionals to develop the ideal physiological, biological, and neurosensory properties of skin care for new mothers and their babies.

    Surprisingly. although a baby’s skin may appear smooth and perfect on the outside, Mustela researchers have clinically proven that a baby’s skin is still developing up until the age of 2.

    Mustela researchers developed and exclusive patented technology called Stelaskin, which is a reconstructed model of a newborn’s epidermis allowing them to explore a baby’s skin at the cellular level.

    A mother/child skincare routine not only protects and delivers necessary hydration to the skin, but also stimulates a baby’s senses and paves the way for healthy growth and neuro-sensory and cognitive development.

    Mustela has developed effective patented products from natural molecular sources like avocado, sunflower oil distillate, and glactoarabinan laboratory-purified to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin.