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    PATYKA is a Parisian house of organic cosmetics which dates back to the 1920s. a genius Parisian apothecary created an elixir containing essential and plant oils which quickly became the beauty secret beloved by Parisian women.

    At the beginning of the XXIst century, the formula for Huile Absolue was rediscovered. The PATYKA brand was named after the Ancient Greek “apothḗkē”, in memory to the apothecary of the Twenties.

    PATYKA was and is a pioneer, creating the first skincare products which are both premium and certified as organic. These exceptional products with their unique, sensory scents and textures are elegant and refined, bringing the luxury of a radiant, balanced complexion to those who use them.

    In 2002, PATYKA became the first cosmetics brand in the world to be awarded Ecocert organic certification with its unique vision of beauty, where effectiveness, ethics and excellence are all interlinked.

    Why should you be forced to choose between lovely, effective cosmetics and cosmetics which are kind to the skin and environment? It is ridiculous to have to make a choice.

    66 products