Refund & Return Policy


FrenchBeautyHub's primary goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Purchase decisions are simple, fast, and entirely transparent. However, if a customer wishes to renounce their purchase after delivery, the deadline to request the return and refund of an unopened and unused product is 30 days after receiving the order. The procedure involves the following steps:

1. Fill out the contact form, communicating the intention to return the product; alternatively, the customer can send us an email.
- Specify the order number;
- Indicate the reference(s) of the product(s) to be returned.

2. No later than 2 business days, our customer service will send an email containing all the necessary information for returning the product(s).

It is imperative that the customer:
- Awaits our email containing the return information and keeps the product(s) in the same conditions as received (including the package and corresponding label) in preparation for the return;
- Sends the product(s) to our address within a maximum of 7 days after our return validation, following the instructions provided by our team.

Return Address: 53 Avenue de l'Exposition Universelle, 1083 Brussels.

After receiving the return:
- We will examine the product(s) within 5 business days of receiving the return;
- If everything complies with the return policy, the customer will receive the refund within 10 days.

Return Rules:
For the return to be accepted, it is imperative to adhere to the following rules:
- The product must be sealed in its original packaging, including the protective cellophane or labels (if applicable);
- If the product's box bears a mark or seal, the seal or any other protective mark must be kept intact;
- The product must be accompanied by all items: samples, gifts, among others, adhering to the original shipping conditions.

Please refer to all information about our return and refund policy.


Orders shipped by standard shipping:
An order may return to our warehouse due to an unknown recipient, incorrect or incomplete address, unclaimed order, refusal of delivery, etc. The customer can track the return using the same tracking link provided for delivery. Once the return is tracked or once the order arrives at our facilities, we offer the following options to our customer:

Paid reshipment (if stock is available)
Discount code in the order amount deducted from shipping costs
Refund of the order amount deducted from shipping costs
Orders shipped by UPS of FedEx : 
After the recipient has been contacted by the carrier and no response or solution has been provided, an order may return to our warehouse due to an unknown recipient, incorrect or incomplete address, unclaimed order, refusal of delivery, lack of provided identification, etc. In these cases, return fees are applied, and our team clarifies the amount before the return process begins. Once the return is tracked or once the order arrives at our facilities, we offer the following options to our customer:

Refund of the order amount deducted from shipping costs, return fees (equal to shipping costs), and return fees (5€)
Discount code for the order amount deducted from shipping costs, return fees (equal to shipping costs), and return fees (5€)

For all shipping methods:
Orders returned due to issues unrelated to the customer are either reshipped at no additional cost or fully refunded, depending on the customer's preference. Orders returned for an "unclaimed" reason, meaning the recipient/someone was unavailable at the time of delivery or no one retrieved the order at the pickup point/post office, and without any communication from the customer to our client. The customer service team resolves the issue by issuing a discount code.

Return restrictions (before delivery):
Returns may not be possible in cases where they depend on/are only allowed by customs once the customs clearance process is completed, meaning that payment of customs duties is made. In these cases, if an order incurs customs duties and the customer refuses to pay them, customs do not authorize the return, and the order must be destroyed or abandoned. FrenchBeautyHub does not refund the customer in these situations, as payment of duties is the customer's obligation.


Refunds can be processed in the following situations:
- Orders canceled prior to shipment;
- Orders returned by postal services (unclaimed or refused during delivery attempts);
- Returns of consigned items;
- Validated claims regarding damaged, incorrect, missing, or expired products reported within a maximum of 15 days after the order delivery. Complaints related to allergic reactions to products are not eligible.

Your refund will be processed within 7 business days and will be automatically credited to the original account used for the purchase. As an alternative, the customer may choose to receive a discount code equivalent to the amount of the order or products. Discount codes remain valid for 12 months from their issuance.

However, some exceptions to refunds through the same payment methods exist:

1. Orders placed over 6 months ago and paid with PayPal cannot be refunded through the same method. In such cases, we will request the customer's bank details to process their request.

2. Orders returned due to being "unclaimed," indicating that the recipient or a third party was unavailable during the delivery attempt or did not collect the order from the pickup point/post office, and without communication from the customer to our customer service, will be refunded through a discount code equivalent to the amount of the order, minus shipping costs.


At FrenchBeautyHub, our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist you in case of difficulties or complaints. Please carefully read all the following information and contact us through the dedicated form if needed.

Claim regarding an undelivered order:
Before filing a complaint related to a delivery delay, please note that the dates indicated in the standard shipping confirmation email are estimates. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to certain procedures beyond our control, such as customs processes governed by local government directives. The indicated timeframe does not include the time required for customs clearance upon arrival in the destination country (for countries outside the European Union). Local customs have their own rules and procedures over which we unfortunately have no influence.

For orders with delivery by standard shipping:
Due to the growth of e-commerce and international deliveries, with numerous destination countries and partners in customs and postal services, we consider an order lost after one month beyond the estimated maximum delivery time (for shipments to the EU) or two months beyond the estimated maximum delivery time (for shipments outside the EU).

For orders with delivery by UPS:
Claims for non-delivery submitted more than three months after the estimated maximum delivery time will not be accepted.

Please note our high level of responsibility and commitment to our customers:
We are responsible for your order until its delivery.
If, for any reason, the delay makes your purchase unnecessary, we can refund you in accordance with our refund policy:
1. We accept refund requests before delivery, processed when the customer refuses the delivery attempt, and the return procedure is identified on the tracking page.
2. For standard shipments without a delivery attempt made within two months (one month in the EU) after exceeding the provided estimated maximum delivery date, we may assume that the order is lost and proceed with the refund.

For shipments without tracking, if the destination postal company informs us that an order is lost, we offer our customer a new shipment or a refund of the total amount of the order.

Claim regarding an order that underwent a delivery attempt:
During a delivery attempt, if the order shows signs of damage (damaged or wet box, signs of opening, etc.), please refuse the delivery of the order and contact us as soon as possible.

Claim regarding a delivered order:
You must open the package and check it carefully before disposing of it.
If you receive your order in good condition but find, upon opening it, that a product is missing or damaged, please contact us within a maximum of 15 days by email at Please carefully follow our warranty process and provide the necessary information, including your order number, photos of the package, shipping label, received items, and the batch number of the product(s), along with a detailed description of the damaged item(s).

We review each case individually and propose the most suitable solution, which may include a refund, partial refund, discount for future purchases, or reshipment of the product(s). Our goal is to provide you with the best solution as quickly as possible.

Additionally, in case of defective goods, especially when they do not possess the usual or presented properties, fail to fulfill their function, do not meet legal requirements, or have not been delivered in the agreed-upon quantity, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order. Note that claims will only be accepted for a maximum of 30 days after receiving your order. FrenchBeautyHub complies with Portuguese legal obligations and is registered in the "Electronic Complaints Book."